Fortnite leak reveals dinosaurs headed to Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 is almost here, and fans were speculating about the Battle Pass including a full DC Comics theme. Since then, leakers have dispelled those rumors.

We have less than a week left in Fortnite Season 5, which means the community has turned their attention to what Season 6 will hold. Speculation is running wild, and some recent collaborations have led fans to speculate that Season 6 will have a full DC theme.

After all, Fortnite has been all-in on crossovers, lately. Season 4 was a full Marvel theme, and Season 5 had more crossovers than any previous Fortnite season.

When Epic announced a collaboration with DC comics, fans assumed that this pointed to a full Season 6 DC theme. A DC X Fortnite comic is coming out in a few months, and a DC-themed Fortnite Battle Pass would help generate interest.

According to reputable leakers in the community, however, Fortnite Season 6 is unlikely to include an entire DC theme. We might see some DC characters in the Battle Pass or Item Shop, but not the entirety of the Battle Pass like we saw with Marvel in Season 4.

Tabor Hill, a Fortnite YouTuber who has correctly leaked details about several seasons in the past, was the main creator to dispel these rumors.

“Do you honestly think Fortnite would do that again within two seasons?” Tabor asked, referring to a full Battle Pass crossover. “Absolutely not. They will not do that – rest assured.”

There are still some major DC characters that haven’t been added to Fortnite, and there’s a chance that we see them in Season 6 – whether it’s in the Battle Pass, Crew Pack, or Item Shop. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Superman and Wonder Woman make appearances before Season 6 ends.

Of course, this won’t stop fan speculation ahead of the season. Until March 16, that’s all fans can do.

Image Credit: Epic Games