All Fortnite NPC locations in Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 introduced the crafting system to the game. If you’re struggling to understand your new inventory, you’ve come to the right place.

Fortnite Season 6 is still young, and players are just jumping-in to explore the new map. Apart from the new scenery, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that the inventory system got a rework. We now have a crafting tab, which allows you to upgrade, sidegrade, and transform weapons on the fly.

Ahead, we’ll cover everything we know about the new crafting system in Season 6, along with some tips on how to get the most powerful weapons in the game.

Fortnite Season 6 crafting guide

It’s still early, but it seems like the crafting system has replaced the upgrade system from previous Chapter 2 seasons. Season 5 changed this system as well, forcing you to visit certain NPCs. Now, you can do it all in your inventory.

The new crafting system allows players to create the inventory that they want. You will gain crafting materials from hunting wildlife, eliminating players, scrapping vehicles, and purchasing it from NPCs. After that, you can use it to upgrade your Primal and Mechanical weapons.

Certain combinations of items also offer special crafting recipes. For instance, if you combine two Shockwaves and a Mechanical Bow, you’ll be able to craft the Mechanical Shockwave Bow. You could make a different, more dangerous bow if you use six Grenades, instead.

Again, we’re still in the early stages of learning the crafting system but are excited to see all of the possibilities it unlocks. These items will probably replace Mythic and Exotic weapons, so there are likely some rare recipes that only a few players will be able to craft.

We’ll update this article and provide additional guides when we learn more about the hunting and crafting systems in Fortnite Season 6. Until then, make sure to follow us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL so you never miss out on the latest Fortnite news.