Who are The Seven in Fortnite?

“I’m going to do what we should have done from the start—I’m going to The Seven,” Agent Jones announced in Fortnite’s Zero Crisis cinematic for Chapter two, season six on March 16. But who are The Seven, and what have they got to do with Fortnite?

In a recent cinematic, Agent Jones called upon The Seven and requested their aid. After a back and forth between Jones and a member of The Seven called The Foundation, they agreed to join forces and finally deal with the Zero Point.

The Seven first appeared in Fortnite in season three in February 2018, before returning again in Chapter two, season two in a trailer in June 2020. The Visitor, The Scientist, and The Paradigm, along with The Foundation, who is perceived to be the leader, have been revealed, but the three remaining members of the organization have stayed hidden. 

The first member of The Seven, The Visitor, arrived on the Fortnite island in a metal capsule embed within a meteor. A year later, in season X, it was revealed that it intended to destroy the Zero Point. 

Since arriving, The Visitor started a change reaction of events, using Hop Rocks to create a time machine, launching a rocket that kicked off the Blast Off event, and opening a Rift, a tear in time and reality. 

In season X in August 2019, the next member of The Seven, the Scientist, arrived in another metal capsule, once again encased in a meteor. This time, though, a wave of energy dispersed onto the island, causing events from several timelines and dimensions to unfold.

The third member of the season, The Paradigm, arrived later that year in November. The first female member of The Seven aimed to either control or destroy the Zero Point, but ultimately failed in her task. 

The End event, which took place in October 2019, also uncovered another possible member of The Seven when they almost certainly died after colliding with the Zero Point. 

This article will be updated when further information is known about The Seven.