Where to find all the bosses in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6

Fortnite’s Chapter Two, season six went live today, introducing many changes alongside new points of interest (POIs). There are new mechanics to explore as well since players are now able to hunt and craft.

While most players will be too busy completing quests and testing out the new mechanics, competitive players may try to include the new bosses in their looting routes. The new bosses drop Mythic weapons upon dying, making them highly valued targets.

Unlike past seasons, the bosses look to be smarter this time around and each of them has a survival mechanic of their own. They can teleport, run extremely fast, and can deal high amounts of damage if you don’t take cover.

Here’s where you can find all of the bosses in Fortnite Chapter Two, season six.

Where to find the Spires Assassin in Fortnite Chapter Two, season six

Screengrab via Epic Games

The Spires Assassin is located right at the center of the map. The deserted area is now gone and the Spire took its place instead. She doesn’t have a fixed spawn, however, and you can find her in any of the houses in the Spire.

Once you land at the landmark, finding her won’t be that difficult since you’ll be able to see her health bar if you’re close enough.

After defeating the Spire’s Assassin, you’ll be able to loot her Mythic weapon, Spire Assassin’s Primal Shotgun.

Where to find Zenith in Fortnite Chapter Two, season six

Screengrab via Epic Games

The second boss on our list, Zenith, usually spawns in the weather station near Catty Corner. Compared to other bosses, Zenith hits hard, so make sure to take cover and only shoot when you can guarantee your safety.

Defeating Zenith will turn him into an NPC and he’ll also drop an epic rarity assault rifle. Though you’ll be able to pick up quests from Zenith, he’ll also tell you where the next cycle will be, which can be crucial if you’re already in the later stages of a match.

Where to find Jonesy the First in Fortnite Chapter Two, season six

Screengrab via Epic Games