When will Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6 end?

Fortnite‘s season six of Chapter two is bringing plenty of new content, including a variety of new PNC, fish, wild animals, and new areas to the island for a fresh feeling battle royale.

While some players will mostly look at those new gameplay features, yet another excellent battle pass will also join the game with free and premium rewards to earn upon reaching the requisite levels, from tier one to 100.

Each week, tons of players will enter matches to complete every challenge for XP towards the battle pass and earn those rewards. Normally, the seasons in Fortnite last around three months, which is generally enough for players to complete all the battle pass tiers before the end. Moreover, the last weekly challenges generally reward more XP for players lagging behind.

When will Fortnite Chapter two, Season six end?

Season six will feature legendary and epic quests to complete, bringing new rewards to earn and pushing the players to use the game’s new mechanics such as hunting, taming, and crafting. In addition, more events tied to the Agent Jones story will likely unfold over the next weeks.

It will last around three months, similar to the previous seasons. Epic Games has yet to reveal an official end date for this season, however.

According to an unofficial Fortnite news social media, season six of Chapter two will end on June, 8, although it’s not confirmed.

This article will be updated when the official end date of season six is officially revealed.