Tameable wolves among other wildlife reportedly coming in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6

Fortnite’s latest season is right around the corner and data miners have already begun to uncover some of the secrets said to be arriving later today.

One of these is the addition of new wildlife into the game.

According to Max Fortnite leaks, Fortnite Chapter two, season six will bring with it five new species including Frogs, Chickens, Boars, Wolves, and something called a Spire Guardian.

It is not entirely clear how the introduction of all these creatures will affect gameplay, however. Leakers have also discovered a range of new weapon customizations available through using items such as Animal Bones and Meat, so it is possible that these new species will play a part.

One use for Chickens has reportedly been discovered with leakers sharing that they can be used much like a glider to negate fall damage.

Other leaked information suggests that the Wolves will be tameable for players to use throughout their match.

Among these new additions, Fish will be making their return, this time with two new species, the Cuddle Fish and the Stink Fish.

Unlike previous seasons, little is known about the plot of the upcoming season that looks to make a move away from the previous Bounty Hunter theme.

With downtime currently live and the new update just hours away, all questions will be answered upon its release.