How to make a Hunter’s Cloak in Fortnite Chapter 2 season 6

Fortnite Chapter two, season six, just went live with a ton of cool cosmetics and new mechanics for players to explore. Chapter two, season five, had added NPCs around the map, increasing the activities players could do around the map through quests. While the NPCs are here to stay for now, Chapter two, season six, introduced a crafting mechanic where you’ll be able to make new items from materials you have.

One of the new season’s weekly quests invites players to test out this mechanic by crafting a Hunter’s Cloak, which sounds easier than it actually is. You’ll need a Meat and two Bones to craft yourself a Hunter’s Cloak.

Meat and Bones are only obtainable from the animals that were also added into the game with the latest patch. You’ll need to hunt and kill a couple of them, so you can get your hands on some Meat and Bones. You should be able to collect all the materials you need after two to three encounters since they seem to have a high drop rate.

After you secure yourself a couple of Bones and pieces of Meat, you’ll need to open your inventory and navigate to the Crafting menu. Hunter’s Cloak will appear on the Crafting automatically when you have the needed materials. Once you craft Hunter’s Cloak, it’ll appear on your inventory and you’ll be able to use it to put it on.

Crafting itself grants players 80 XP while doing it for the first time will net you 24,000 XP as a weekly quest reward.


Generally, you can encounter wildlife around the forested parts of the map. They may appear friendly at first, but they’ll start attacking when they’re under threat. Make sure to have a weapon in your arsenal before you start your search for them to ensure you complete this quest in one go.