Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass: First look

Finally, at the end of Fortnite Season 5, players can purchase the much-requested female Midas ‘Marigold’ skin. Here’s how to get it and how to complete the associated challenges.

Ever since Fortnite Season 5 was released, players have been asking for a female Midas skin. Data miners found the loading screen in the game files, and most players assumed it would be one of the Fortnite Crew pack rewards during the season.

On March 8, Epic finally released the skin to the Item Shop. Here’s how to get it and how to complete the challenges for a 1,500 V-Buck reward.

Female Midas Golden Touch bundle

The Golden Touch skin bundle, as its called, includes the reactive Marigold outfit, the Golden Daggers pickaxe, the Golden Gambit back bling, and a list of challenges worth 1,500 V-Bucks. This will cost $11.99 to purchase from the Item Shop.

The Marigold skin is reactive and turns gold when you eliminate players. The more players that feel your wrath, the more complete Marigold will look.

The V-Bucks, alone, justify the purchase if you need to load-up before the new season, but you have to make sure to complete the challenges.

Marigold challenges

Fortnite Marigold challenges

Like other skins in the past, Marigold will have daily challenges that unlock V-Bucks. The first day’s challenges require you to complete Uncommon or Rarer skins – an easy task if you still haven’t finished last week’s list of Epic challenges.

The other challenges will follow a similar pattern, requiring players to complete challenges for higher rewards each day. These will start with 100 V-Bucks and work their way up to 500 by the fifth day.

With another seven days before Season 6, we should have enough time to top-off our V-Bucks for the next Battle Pass – especially if you purchased this one. We’ll keep you posted when the Week 15 challenges go live, and give you everything you need to know to complete them – along with the Marigold challenges.

Image Credit: Epic Games