Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6 Zero Crisis Story Cinematic revealed

Fortnite Chapter two, season six is finally here and fans have been treated to their first glimpse of how the story will progress through the Zero Crisis Story Cinematic.

This action-packed trailer sets the tone of what is to come throughout the battle royale’s second chapter and sixth season, Primal.

Picking up off right where season five left off, Agent Jones can be seen heading towards the Zero Point with a portal in hand to attempt to stop the destabilization of the Zero Point himself.

While progressing Jones shares his plans to approach “The Seven” himself, however, he is urged not to do so by a voice through his communication device.

As he makes his way towards the Zero Point, he passes through most of the characters introduced throughout the last season doing battle with one another.

After avoiding some potential face-offs with other characters Jones is finally able to toss the portal into the Zero Point, causing an asteroid to appear and begin plummeting down to the ground.

Jones hides behind cover as it makes an impact before exclaiming “it worked.” From the mysterious rock, a door appears, revealing a new character for the battle royale’s latest season.

Although it appeared as though Jones summoned him, the individual is hostile at first before the pair come to terms on an agreement.

This cinematic brings of the final chapter of the Zero Point story that has been taking place in Fortnite over the past few seasons, stemming from its first mention in Fortnite season four.

Players can continue on from this trailer’s story themselves by booting up Fortnite and completing the ongoing event to kickstart the season.