Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6 new map and named locations

Ahead of Fortnite Chapter two, season six’s launch later today, data miners have given players their first look at the all-new map for the season.

According to a post by leaker VastBlast, the map has seen some significant changes in preparation for the event heading into season six.

In a subsequent post by fellow leaker HypeX, names for locations on the map can be seen with nine new named locations.

These include the Guardian of the Sea on the north side of the map, Guardian of the Fields on the North East quadrant, Guardian of the Mountain to the east, Guardian of the Lake to the south, Guardian of the Woods to the west, as well as Guardian of the Bay in the northwest quadrant.

These Guardian locations are accompanied by three more new areas. Colossal Coliseum from season five is being replaced by Colossal Crops, Hunters Haven is becoming Primal Pond, and the Zero Point is getting its own named location in the center of the map called The Spire.

Aside from these new named locations and the drastic terrain changes in the middle of the map, it appears that many of the locations will remain the same from season five into season six.

Right now, Fortnite is still in downtime preparing for the launch of the season later today.

This article will be updated with any new information that surfaces regarding changes to the map once it is officially released.