Fortnite team kicked from $3M tournament over a tweet

The Fortnite Championship Series is a big deal for pros competing in Epic Games’ battle royale game — not only are millions of dollars on the line, participating at all guarantees at least some money for entrants. That is unless you happen to get disqualified from the proceedings. One team found that out the hard way.

On Sunday, FNCS competitor Wrigley posted an ill-advised tweet that read, “Like literally fucking k!ll your$elf @donaldmustard,” tagging Epic Games chief creative officer Donald Mustard. Their entire Twitter account is gone now, but in response, Epic Games reprimanded Wrigley, disqualifying him from the tournament.

His teammates were also caught in the crossfire. Wrigley was a part of a trio, which included Fortnite pros who go by the handles Dictate and Userz. The duo say they had nothing to do with Wrigley’s initial outburst, but they can no longer participate in the tournament, nor are they allowed to find a replacement for the offending team member.

Reached for comment, an Epic Games representative directed Polygon to the company’s community rules, which clearly state that “interacting with others in a way that is predatory, threatening, intimidating, lewd, demeaning, derogatory, invasive of privacy, or abusive” are all not allowed. Breaking these guidelines can be grounds for bans, or any other punishment that Epic Games sees fit.

In a private message to Polygon, Userz shared the screenshot that greeted him after loading the game.

The disqualifying screenshot in Fortnite.

Image: Epic Games via Userz

According to Userz, Wrigley’s tweet was the result of being enraged after getting sniped in the first game of the grand finals. He also claims that the duo was not aware of the tweet until the day after, at which point it had already been deleted. Since then, there’s been radio silence from Wrigley — but the larger Fortnite community is rallying…