Fortnite season 6: When is it, what will it include and how is Neymar involved?

A new season of Fortnite is nearly upon us, with the hit battle royale game set to shake up its map and features once again.

Publisher Epic Games has already teased some of what we can expect from the new season of the game, which includes a promotional crossover with a world famous footballer.

The company has claimed that a new event will include the game’s “most ambitious story cinematic yet”.

The most recent season of Fortnite featured a crossover with the Disney Plus Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian, and recent weeks have seen the game tie-in with the Predator film franchise.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what Fortnite may have in store for players in the sixth season of chapter two…

When is Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Six launching?

As teased on Twitter, the next season of Fortnite is due to arrive via a downloadable update on Tuesday, 16 March 2021.

While Epic Games have not yet confirmed what time the season will launch, updates are often scheduled for early in the morning, so it’s likely the update will be live by mid-morning UK time.

What will the season entail?

While much of the season’s updates are still unknown, Epic has already announced an in-game event entitled the Zero Crisis Finale.

It will be a solo experience, viewable from whenever you first log into Fortnite after the update goes live.

Epic has described the event as its “most ambitious story cinematic yet”.

Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain footballer Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is set to feature in the new season – at least, it certainly seems that way…

The highly marketable sports star’s shirt number featured in a short preview on Twitter, which Neymar himself then retweeted.

Players have speculated that Neymar may be available in the game as a…