How to add a Trident symbol to your Fortnite username

As you start racking up kills in a Fortnite match, most of the players in your lobby should become aware of your presence. If you don’t want your name to get lost in the sea of other names, you’ll need a way to stand out.

Adding symbols to your name can be an excellent way of separating yourself from the crowd, and they also look cool. There has been a rise in players who use the trident symbol recently, and it works a lot better when you also combine it with the Aquaman skin.

If you don’t have a dedicated trident key on your keyboard, then adding the symbol to your name can be confusing. Before getting into the trident part, you’ll need to know how you can change your name in Fortnite.

You can change your name in two ways but doing it on the Epic Games launcher is the most straightforward method.

  • Click on your username, which should be toward the bottom left edge of your screen.
  • Choose Manage Account, and a new browser window will pop up.
  • Head over to the new browser window and click on the blue pencil icon next to your name to change your username.
    • Note that you can’t change your name again for two weeks after confirming the process.

How can you add a Trident symbol to Fortnite username?

Once you figure out where to change your username, adding the trident will be the easiest part. 

  • Copy the trident symbol: Ψ
  • Return back to the account page where you’ll be changing your name and paste the trident symbol wherever you want.
  • After making sure everything looks just like how you were picturing, you can proceed to complete the name-changing process.

Even if you do anything by mistake, you’ll only be stuck with your new name for two weeks. You’ll once again become eligible to change your name after this period. If you’re wondering what other cool symbols you can try out to spice up your name, you can get inspired from here.