How to get Intel from a Character in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5?

Fortnite is only a week away from wrapping up Chapter Two, season five. While the overall content was on par with the previous seasons, the weekly quests were noticeably more challenging, making maxing the battle pass slightly harder to complete.

It looks like Epic Games may have decided to step on the breaks for the last set of challenges, though, since the final week is filled with quests that can be completed in a couple of hours. One of these challenges requires players to get intel from characters/NPCs in Fortnite.

Epic added NPCs to the game at the beginning of the season. The AI-based characters roam around their fixed spawns on the map. By interacting with NPCs, players can trade gold bars in exchange for exotic weapons, services, or information, alongside picking up new quests that also reward gold bars.

Not all NPCs have the same offerings, however. Some of them won’t offer any information, meaning you’ll need to target NPCs that are guaranteed to have intel options to complete this quest quickly.

How can you get intel from a character in Fortnite Chapter Two, season five?

The fastest piece of intel you can get will be the ones that will lead you to loot chests. While there are a few NPCs that will show you the nearby crates’ locations, only a few have fixed spawns.

If you’re looking to complete this quest in one go, you’ll want to visit NPCs who will always spawn at the same places. Lexa at Hunter’s Haven and Ragnarok to the west of Holly Hedges are two excellent examples.

These two NPCs are also relatively easy to reach since they’re close to popular landmarks. You’ll want to keep your guard up as you approach them, however, since there might be enemy players lurking around. Consider opening a few chests to get some loot beforehand just to make sure you complete the quest in a single attempt.