Martoz’s Fortnite settings and keybinds

Manuel “Martoz” Martinez is a professional Fortnite player and a content creator from the Netherlands.

Breaking into the higher tiers of Fortnite is a challenging task. Not only do you need skill, you also need a certain level of consistency if you’re looking to stay on top of the ranked ladder. Martos has been around since 2018, but he started gaining more traction in terms of popularity with his Arena content.

Farming 6,000 Arena points in a day seemed like not a big deal for Martoz, and he accumulated over 70,000 Arena points in less than a month around 2020. Reaching over one million subscribers on YouTube, Martoz almost never flinched under pressure. He always seems to find a way out of in-game situations that can be considered impossible to survive, and he owes most of his success to practice.

One of the fastest ways to improve through practice is having settings that you’re comfortable with. This’ll allow you to build your muscle memory more quickly, and your setup will start feeling natural as you keep hitting the practice grounds.

Considering professional and veteran players spend hours optimizing their settings, taking a look at Martoz’s layout can help you kickstart your progression. Most of these settings are up to personal preference, so don’t hesitate to make any changes you deem fit.

Here are Maltoz’s Fortnite settings and keybinds.

Martoz’s mouse settings

Martoz’s sensitivity settings are considerably lower than most professional Fortnite players. They’re still a far away from being actually slow, but they certainly offer more control over speed. While Martoz doesn’t shy away from performing quick edits or building complex structures in seconds, you can notice there’s a thought process behind almost all of his moves.

His slower-than-average sensitivity settings give him enough room to consider his options. Even if you prefer higher or lower sensitivity values, you’ll always want to set…