H1ghSky1’s Fortnite settings and keybinds

Known for his talent at a young age, H1ghSky1 remained absent from all major competitions throughout 2019 and 2020 due to tournament age restrictions. The young superstar focused on creating more content instead, accumulating over two million subscribers on YouTube, alongside sustaining an average viewer base of over 1,000 viewers every time he goes live on Twitch.

Focusing on more challenge-based videos alongside skirmishes against professional players, H1ghSky1 continues to show his talent for Fortnite. Though he doesn’t explain most of his plays, you can still learn a lot from him by observing his decision-making skills.

If you admire H1ghSky1’s gameplay and would like to start playing just like him, taking a look at his settings can be a good start. Professional players spend hours optimizing their settings, meaning he may have achieved a decent balance. Being comfortable with your settings will be especially important when you start training in custom maps. As you work more on your mechanics, you’ll build up your muscle memory, and you’ll want to start doing that with a set of settings that you feel in-sync with.

Here are H1ghSky1’s Fortnite settings.

H1ghSky1’s mouse settings

While a too-sensitive mouse will leave you at a disadvantage when it comes to aiming, it isn’t what Fortnite is all about. Most professional players usually prefer high mouse sensitivity configurations so they can build as fluidly as possible.

H1ghSky1’s sensitivity settings look balanced for speed and accuracy, but it can still be considered a fast configuration if you’re switching from a tactical shooter like CS:GO.

Regardless of your sensitivity settings, you’ll want to set your mouse’s polling rate to 1000 Hz or the highest value available for your model. Doing so will assure the minimum input lag, meaning your mouse will deliver your inputs to Fortnite faster.

DPI 800 X-Axis Sensitivity 11.9 percent