New Fortnite leak claims Ant-Man will be the next crossover skin

Another Marvel skin could be coming to Fortnite soon, according to new leaks.

Another new portal scene has been data mined from Fortnite, teasing the next sound and video file that will play through the next portal that pops up on the map.

The footage data mined from Fortnite is of a forest from ground level, leading many to believe that it’s alluding to Ant-Man. The Marvel hero is able to shrink down to the size of an ant, so this might be his point of view.

Other theories include a WandaVision skin, considering that the image also looks quite familiar to the ending scene of Avengers: Infinity War. Another Marvel skin wouldn’t be a shock, though, considering the entire previous Marvel-themed Fortnite season.

As has been the case with the portal video files, leakers and data miners have found the upcoming portal days before they’re added to the game. Characters from Tron, Alien, and Walking Dead have been found in files before their official release.

Fortnite’s current season is due to end on March 15, so this could be the final skin added before the next big in-game event.