How to sit out in Fortnite

Getting in back-to-back Fortnite sessions with your squad is great, but you may need to take a few breaks along the way to make sure you stay hydrated or to do some light exercises.

When that’s the case, you won’t want to keep the rest of your squad waiting. You can always leave the party, but you can also “sit out” if you’ll only be gone for a single match. Sitting out a match instead of leaving the party ensures you don’t lose any time before jumping back into the action when you’re back.

Sitting out a match will allow your squad members to queue up for another Fortnite match while you’ll be excluded from the matchmaking pool.

Here’s how you can sit out matches in Fortnite.

  • Open up the social panel by pressing the ESC button on PC, the Options button on Xbox and PlayStation, or the Plus button on Nintendo Switch.
  • Click on the cog icon on the left panel and choose “Sit Out.”

Once you click “Sit Out,” your character will be marked as “Sitting Out.” You’ll continue to sit out matches until you return and change your status by using the same method above. If you aren’t in a party, you won’t be able to use the sit out feature, but you’ll still be able to change your status to “Away.”

You can also sit out games when you return to the lobby after a game, and your whole squad chooses to find another match during the after-game screen. You’ll automatically be granted the “Sitting out” status since the rest of your squad will start finding a match while you return back to the lobby. If this happens by mistake, you’ll want to let your squad know so they can return to the main menu to queue with you again. In cases where they find a game without you, they’ll need to leave the match go for another one with you or you’ll need to sit one out for the team.