How to Build a Quick Fort

Though you’ll need proper aim to secure Victory Royales in Fortnite, you won’t always get far without a set of decent building skills. Knowing how to build is essential to put yourself in situations where you can let your aim handle the rest. You can build to take cover, get close to an enemy, or to make sure you have the high-ground advantage.

Panic building refers to instantly switching to build mode upon receiving damage to make sure you don’t get lasered down. While these building pieces you’ll be placing around won’t do you any good, if your enemy is somewhat of an experienced player, you can still perfect this art to give yourself the best chances of survival.

The name panic building may already give you the impression that you’ll be in a losing spot. You can change the whole momentum of the situation by knowing what and how to build. Time and patience will allow you to get the basics of building under pressure, and you’ll master it through increasing your game-sense. Most variables will change depending on where you are on the map, how many players you’re facing, and the guns they’re using. You’ll need to become as consistent as possible to increase your chances of getting Victory Royales.

Here’s everything you need to know about panic building.

What exactly is panic building?

The definition of panic changes from player to player, but if you see an enemy player putting down random wooden walls after you took a shot at them, you can safely assume that they’re in panic mode. 

The level of panic may be higher than you think if the walls your target’s creating are completely random, meaning they have no idea where you shot from. These panic buildings aim to soak as much damage as possible to give the builder enough time to find the whereabouts of the enemy shooting at them. 

Considering wood is the first material on the list, most panic buildings tend to be made out of it, the least durable material in Fortnite. You can also find experienced…