Larger islands introduced in Fortnite Creative v15.50 update

Epic Games released the v15.50 update for Fortnite Creative today, giving players the ability to create 25-percent larger islands. The main map will remain the same size. This update only affects Creative games.

The new Creative islands are 155 by 155 tiles. You’ll have a lot more space to exercise your creativity and big ideas. If you want to create your own map, go to the Creative Hub and start your server.

After you’ve created your island, you can design it however you want by placing objects, prefabricated buildings, devices such as turrets, vehicles, and traps, or even weapons and consumables.

You can visit February’s best Fortnite Creative islands and get inspired. You can check the top three maps for practice, combat, and variety categories and have a taste of what you can create yourself.

The v15.50 Creative update also carries some island, weapon, and item bug fixes such as when a party leader couldn’t interact with Matchmaking Portals and the Common and Uncommon Charge Shotguns were appearing in the wrong rarity categories.