Bizzle’s Fortnite settings and keybinds

Timothy “Bizzle” Miller is a professional Fortnite player from North America.

Bizzle has been a familiar face in the battle bus ever since season three. Fortnite has a way of firing up everyone’s competitive spirit on fire, but Bizzle needed no more convincing to pursue becoming a professional player after getting his first squad wipe.

Bizzle didn’t improve at Fortnite overnight, however. As soon as he decided to compete at the highest level, he put in the hours practicing. He spends hours at practice ranges to get warmed up before tournaments and ranked matches. This helps Bizzle bring his A-game to each match he plays and build up his muscle memory with his current settings.

Each professional player spends hours perfecting their settings layout to ensure everything is in an optimal state. While these adjustments are highly based on personal preference, you can take a look at what a top-tier player prefers to give yourself a head start. 

Considering Bizzle was able to go through a World Cup qualification match without even using guns, his settings should be a decent example to base your settings on.

Here are Bizzle’s Fortnite settings.

Bizzle’s mouse settings

Fortnite is nothing like the traditional FPS titles on the market. A lower mouse sensitivity is generally favored by CS:GO players to make it easier to track enemies, but it makes it impossible to build fast in Fortnite. When that’s the case, you’ll need a decent balance between speed and accuracy.

Bizzle’s sensitivity settings are right in the middle of the spectrum. He relies on fast hand movements when he needs to perform flicks, but this setup allows him to have a more stable aim in the long run. Combining this type of layout with a large mousepad can enable you to be more flexible in fights. You’ll want to have as much space as possible under your mouse to make sure that you can react in a variety of in-game situations.

You might want to consider practicing your aim after applying Bizzle’s…