The 10 rarest contrails in Fortnite

Fortnite would be a completely different game without its epic cosmetics. Skins, harvesting tools, emotes, gliders, and contrails add the collectors formula to the innovative gameplay, making Fortnite a unique experience.

Getting better at Fortnite is the ultimate goal of a decent chunk of the player base, but that might not mean much if you don’t have the coolest cosmetics to look good while getting Victory Royales. Epic Games introduces more awesome cosmetics to the game with each patch. Though there’s nothing wrong with purchasing a skin you think looks cool, there are other criteria in play when it comes to cosmetics that can instantly give you a status boost in Fortnite.

You may be familiar with the term “OG” in Fortnite. The term usually gets thrown around for players who have some of the rarest cosmetics in the game, which goes to show how long they’ve been a Fortnite player. Skins and gliders tend to be more noticeable than other cosmetics, with contrails potentially tagging along to the list as the third option. When you jump off the bus and start cruising toward the Fortnite map, everyone around you will be able to see your contrail.

As you get closer to a landmark, contrails will be more distinguishable, and they can be used to give off strong messages to your opponents. Seeing a player flying toward the same direction as you with an Embers contrail, indicating they’re on fire, could make you nervous. While it’s quite hard to obtain the following contrails since most of them were available for a limited time, you can still go through your inventory to see if you have any of them. 

Here are the rarest contrails in Fortnite.


All-Star – Screengrab via Epic Games

Only the mightiest player could bring down stars with them as they’re free-falling, or at least the ones who were there during the first days of Fortnite.

The All-Star contrail was introduced with the Chapter One, season three battle pass, and it was tied to the…