FaZe Megga’s Fortnite settings and keybinds

Noam “Megga” Ackenine is a professional Fortnite player from North America.

The young talent was already drawing eyes in weekly tournaments, and FaZe Clan recruited him alongside Dubs in 2019. The duo qualifed for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup both as a team and individually.

Throughout the World Cup, his calm and collected performance increased his popularity by a huge margin, bumping his overall viewer count to three to four digits. Fortnite can be intense, especially at higher ranks, but Megga still finds a way to focus on his game. It’s impossible to tell how he might be feeling inside, but his aim doesn’t falter when he’s being pushed with five percent HP left.

Years of Fortnite experience will be the number one factor behind his stable gameplay, but it takes a solid set of settings to build that. If you don’t have the right configurations, you may struggle to find your rhythm while playing Fortnite.

Though most keybinds and mouse sensitivity options are based on personal preference, taking a look at professional player’s configurations can help you figure out what works and adjust it to your liking.

Here are Megga’s Fortnite settings.

FaZe Megga’s mouse settings

Even milliseconds matter in Fortnite. While a lower sensitivity is usually favored in titles like CS:GO, it may cause you to lag behind the competition. FaZe Megga’s sensitivity settings may feel fast at first, but you may grow used to them with time.

Megga’s pinpoint accuracy plays an important factor when it comes to utilizing fast sensitivity settings like below. Megga’s camera moves at high speeds while he’s building only to zero down opponents in the middle of everything to land the finishing touch.

If you’re looking to practice your aim with your sensitivity settings, your best bet will be to sharpen your skills in some of the best training courses in Fortnite.

DPI 1500 X-Axis Sensitivity 2.5 percent
Y-Axis Sensitivity 2.7 percent Scope Sensitivity 36.6 percent
Polling Rate 500…