Fortnite developer Epic takes public feud with Apple to EU as fight over iPhone App Store becomes even bigger

Fortnite developer Epic has taken its fight against Apple to the European Union, as the two companies continue to argue about the best future for the iPhone’s App Store.

It is the latest escalation in a public spat between the two companies that began last year, when Epic accused Apple of abusing its dominance of the iPhone to favour itself.

Epic said it was unfair that Apple is able to unfairly take money from developers through the 30 per cent charge it takes from payments made through the App Store, which is the only legitimate way of distributing apps onto the iPhone.

In what it said was a protest against that charge, Epic added its own payment system to Fortnite, in contravention of Apple’s rules. Apple banned the game, which has not been available on the iPhone since, beginning the fallout.

Since then, the two companies have been fighting both in public messages as well as through the legal system.

Epic Games has already begun proceedings against the tech giant in the US and Australia, as well as with the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal over what it claims are unfair practices around Apple’s App Store.

The same stand-off has also taken place on Google’s Android platform and Epic’s action in the UK focuses on Google as well as Apple.

In a statement on its latest complaint in the EU, which has been filed with the European Commission, the video game developer said: “Epic has faced and been harmed by Apple’s anti-competitive restrictions across payments and app distribution.

“When Epic gave Fortnite players on iOS a choice between Apple payment and Epic direct payment, passing on savings to direct purchasers, Apple retaliated by blocking Fortnite updates.

“When Epic sought to bring the Epic Games Store to iOS, Apple declined.

“And while Apple has launched its own gaming distribution service,…