The best Fortnite settings for PlayStation 5

Fortnite may look like it has everything figured out from a distance, but the game’s in a constant stage of development, trying to improve the game with the help of latest tech. The next generation of consoles arrived in 2020 and Fortnite was ready to enhance the gaming experience of all of its users who made the switch to a PlayStation 5.

The more powerful hardware on the PS5 allowed Epic games to increase the overall visual quality of the game alongside introducing more performance tweaks. While Fortnite runs considerably better on the PS5 compared to PS4, the default settings aren’t perfectly optimized for a competitive gameplay experience.

Visual quality might not mean much to competitive Fortnite players since they’ll need the most amount of frames and performance to unlock their high refresh rate monitors. This’ll be impactful to reduce your overall reaction time, even if it’s by milliseconds. Though the number of settings that you can customize will be significantly lower than PC, you can still apply a few treks to take your Fortnite experience to the next level.

Optimizing your settings won’t make you a better player as soon as you click on “Apply,” but you can easily increase your overall effectiveness throughout a Fortnite match as you get used to your new and better configurations.

Here are the best for Fortnite on PS5.

Video settings

  • Brightness: 120 percent
    • The default brightness settings will be more than fine, but it’s possible to make it easier to spot enemies by turning up by small margins. Alternatively, you can also use your monitor or TV’s brightness settings to find the perfect configuration for you.
  • Color blind mode: Protanope
  • Color blind mode strength: 10
    • Turning on the color blind settings may sound off if you aren’t color blind. Each color blind setting has a slightly different color palette and professional players like Bugha prefers the Protanope color blind setting. Though your results may vary, the Protanope…