The best Fortnite settings for Xbox Series X/S

Fortnite’s transition to the console world was a rather bumpy one due to performance issues. Epic Games has come a long way since 2017, however, and Fortnite is now one of the best optimized titles on Xbox Series X/S.

Console players were still behind PC users when it came down to pure performance, but that took a turn with the release of new-gen consoles. Fortnite runs noticeably smoother on Xbox Series X/S, and players also have the option to unlock higher frame rates, getting them one step closer to PC players in terms of raw performance.

Aside from running Fortnite at higher frame rates, you have access to multiple in-game tweaks that can make it easier to spot enemies. Spending some time perfecting your sensitivity settings can also help your aim in the long run. Optimizing your settings will help you become a better player, helping you climb higher in Fortnite’s ranked ladder.

The following settings were inspired by high-level controller players who originated from consoles like UnknownxArmy. Testing your new settings in normal matches or creative lobbies can ease the transition period before making your explosive debut in a ranked game.

Here are the best Fortnite settings for Xbox Series X/S.

Video settings

  • Brightness: 115 percent
    • There’s nothing wrong with the default brightness setting, but turning it up a little can help you spot enemies faster. You can also disregard the brightness setting in the game and adjust it through your monitor or TV’s user-interface.
  • Color Blind Mode: Protanope
  • Color Blind Strength: 10
    • Even if you aren’t color blind, you can try to see if there is a color scheme that you like better. Though professional players have different preferences when it comes to this setting, most of them prefer Protanope. Bugha also turns the setting’s strength to 10. Experiment with all the Color Blind Mode settings and see which one works better when you’re trying to spot enemies.
  • Motion Blur: Off
    • Motion blur is usually enabled by…