Fortnite Season 5 Week 10 Challenges / Quests Leaked

Here are all of the Fortnite Week 10 Challenges that have been leaked by dataminers and will be released tomorrow at 2pm GMT.

New challenges are released every week in Fortnite Battle Royale on Thursdays. This season, there are seven Epic Challenges released and one Legendary Challenge, which has five different stages. Completing the weekly challenges is an easy way to earn XP and level up in this seasons Battle Pass as quick as possible as each challenge & stage completed will earn you additional XP.

The Legendary Challenge is only available for a week, so be sure to complete this first if possible as it will disappear after a week and replaced by a different one. The Epic Challenges on the other hand are available to complete at any time before this season ends. All of the challenges for Week 10 of Fortnite have been leaked by dataminers and can be seen below.

Fortnite Use food consumables
Fortnite Use food consumables

Fortnite Week 10 Challenges

Here are the seven Epic Challenges that will be released tomorrow. Thursday 4th February, at 2pm GMT.

  • Use food consumables (3)
  • Eliminations with common weapons (1)
  • Go for a swim at Lazy Lake (1)
  • Dance near Pleasant Park (1)
  • Deal Melee Damage (300)
  • Upgrade weapons (3)
  • Eliminate IO Guards (5)
IO Guards Fortnite
IO Guards Fortnite

All of the challenges for this week are pretty simple and self-explanatory. The best mode to complete these challenges will of course be in the Team Rumble mode, as you can keep respawning once you have been eliminated by opponents. You will be able to find food consumables in various different places around the Fortnite map. In order to complete the first challenge, you will only need to consume three items. Common weapons are the ones with the grey variant and are very easy to find. Make sure you keep a common weapon in your inventory and simply eliminate an opponent with it in order to complete the challenge.

There is a lot of water around Lazy Lake and in order to complete the challenge, you will simply need to swim in it to complete…