Fortnite Hidden Bunker Location: Where to Find a Hidden Bunker

One of the challenges for Fortnite Season 5, Week 9 is to find where the hidden bunker is located on the map and here is the exact location.

New challenges are released every week in Fortnite Battle Royale and in the past, Epic have switched up the way in which the challenges are released, the amount of XP you earn by completing them and the amount of challenges. This season, Epic have made the weekly challenges of Epic rarity and there is also a Legendary challenges released every week.

There are seven Epic challenges for you to complete in Week 9 of Fortnite and completing these challenges will award you with 20,000 XP each. One of the challenges you will need to complete is to find a hidden bunker and we will show you exactly where you can find the hidden bunkers in Fortnite.

Fortnite – Where to Find a Hidden Bunker

Bunkers have been in Fortnite since the start and some of the bunkers have not been accessible in the past, making fans wonder if they would be opened in the future. As there is a challenge where you need to find bunkers, it could be linked to the storyline. There are a few bunkers you can actually find on the Fortnite map, and we will show you exactly where they are located below.

One of the hidden bunkers can be found on the small island north of the Fortnite map, which is northwest of Craggy Cliffs and northeast of Stealthy Stronghold. You will need to hit the wooden wall under the shack to reveal the bunker underneath. You can see the exact location on the mini map shown in the top right corner of the image below and the wall you need to break in order to find the bunker below:

Fortnite Hidden Bunker Island North of Map
Fortnite Hidden Bunker Island North of Map

Another bunker can actually be found off the island and in the ocean close to the map. The exact location is southwest of Holly Hedges and northwest of Slurpy Swamp. The exact location you want to look for can be seen below and you will see the bunker at the bottom when you get closer.