The best Fortnite controller settings and sensitivity configuration

Using a mouse and keyboard setup isn’t the only way to play Fortnite. It’s only natural for a title that has console ports to be compatible with controllers on PC as well, and unlike most shooter titles on the market, the controller players aren’t playing with a disadvantage in Fortnite.

Though aiming precisely with a controller is slightly more difficult than using a mouse/keyboard combination, Fortnite’s aim assist does its best to even the odds. Despite being nerfed, aim assist is still a powerful ally to controller players, but it isn’t the only weapon in their arsenal.

Even with aim assist, you’ll need to fine tune your settings to match your play style so that you can reliably take down squads without any misfires. Some players will prefer a slower aim curve as opposed to higher sensitivity settings, while others will need a fast aim to match their hectic gameplay style. You’ll need to decide on the type of player you are before tweaking your sensitivity options, unless you’re looking to adapt to what professional players prefer when it comes to their sensitivity settings.

Regardless of their playstyles, most high-level controller players have similar layouts. The following settings were based on controller players like Sway, Aydan, and Xtra Reet. Take them out for a spin in a regular match after applying, and feel free to make the necessary adjustments that you see fit. You can only improve these settings with your own configurations since only you can make them better for yourself.

Here are the best Fortnite controller and sensitivity settings that will take you to the next level.

The best sensitivity options in Fortnite

Sensitivity settings are mostly personal preference since they’ll even vary on the type of controller you have. A controller with sensitive movement sticks may require you to increase your deadzone settings to make it more precise.

You can search for professional players that use the same controller as you and make…