How to sign up for the Fortnite AFL Community Battles

Image via Epic Games

Starting today, fans of Aussie footy have the chance to sign up and compete with their favorite creators and players in the Fortnite AFL Community Battles.

The limited-time event, which offers prizes like V-Bucks and an exclusive soccer-themed spray, features community creators and players representing 18 different teams in the Australian Football League.

Every member of the winning team will get 800 V-Bucks to spend. Those who place second will bag themselves 400 V-Bucks each, and the team that places third will take home 200 V-Bucks a piece.  

Image via Epic Games

If you’re one of the first 5,000 people to sign up with a team, your points will count towards the overall team total. If you miss the cut and you’re a little late off the mark, you’ll still be able to compete as a fan on your own personal leaderboard. 

To sign up for the Fortnite AFL Community Battles, join one of the AFL teams by clicking here, complete daily tasks on the Fortnite island, and earn points for every action in the game. 

To earn yourself a Punt! Spray, complete at least one daily task in the Fortnite AFL Community Battles.