Epic Games Fortnite Winter Trials Event Rewards & Challenges Leaked

It looks like Epic Games will be hosting the Fortnite Winter Trials event soon. Here’s the leaked rewards for the winter trials event.

Epic Games have held several different trial events over the past year. However, these events are usually limited to certain countries. A lot of these Fortnite trails that Epic Games release aren’t announced on the Epic Games website or socials.

Usually when we get leaks for events and tournaments, it’s data-miners looking through the new files from an update looking to see anything new that’s been added that can be leaked.

However, there have been multiple times where Epic Games have leaked upcoming skins and events by accidentally posting them on social media. They’ve also posted tournament information accidentally weeks before it’s scheduled to begin.

Fortnite Winter Trials
Fortnite Winter Trials

According to leaks, we have another Fortnite trials event coming in the near future called “Winter Trials”.

Fortnite Winter Trials

Early today, data-miners noticed that a Fortnite Winter Trials website went live with a bunch of errors, no site description and a number of issues loading the website when it went live.

The Fortnite Winter Trials event will allow players to earn free cosmetic rewards. Players can vote for a challenge to complete such as completing as many bounties as you can in solo or defeating as many named NPCs as they can in solos. During the event, players can support streamers including Nick Eh 30, SypherPK, Nate Hill, and more.

Fortnite Winter Trials Challenges
Fortnite Winter Trials Challenges

It seems like each Fortnite Winter Trails challenge completed grants players with a badge. However, it seems like there’s conflicting information as other images show you can earn badges by voting on which challenge they want in Winter Trials.

Winter Trials Rewards

It looks like players can earn a spray, emoticon, and a wrap during the Fortnite Winter Trials event. Here’s a look at the…