Fortnite’s February £10 subscriber-only skin is a new take on a fan-favourite •

After pledging to improve the offering within its pricy £9.99-a-month Fortnite Crew subscription, Epic Games has now announced an eye-catching new skin for February and wrapped it up in the game’s ongoing lore.

February’s members-only character is Vi, a member of the Fox Clan – Fortnite’s new name for its various Kitsune mask-wearing characters such as OG season five mascot and fan-favourite Drift.

Vi’s set includes the usual character skin, back bling and pickaxe, now all with two detailed styles. There’s also a wrap (a weapon skin) and a loading screen – new items not included in previous monthly offerings.

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Vi’s reveal was teased yesterday afternoon via a string of odd social media posts and a faux takeover of the game’s official Twitter – all of which was later scrubbed from existence (again, all part of the game’s narrative).

“Possible match found///// Drift? Drift. Come in. Do you read me?” Fortnite’s Twitter posted yesterday in a series of messages. “I know you don’t know who I am, but the Fox Clan is in trouble. We need you. We always thought we were the trackers, but something is tracking US down now. Something old. Something… bad.

“They got everyone. I barely escaped. I’m… I’m the only one left. Whoever gave you that Fox Clan mask made you a target… If we don’t work together – team up – they’ll come for you next. They’re closing in. I need to wipe my tracks, but I hope you got this transmission. If you did, I’ll see you soon. I hope. ///Connection terminated.”


Previous narrative snippets posted to the Fortnite account have been from the in-game character of Jonesy, who works for the IO Agency. But a subsequent note from IO suggested it was not the sender, or the mysterious evil mentioned. “If more updates about this mysterious Fox Clan are received, we will continue to post and investigate them,” another now-deleted…