New Fortnite portal points to Terminator crossover

Fortnite Season 5 is only a week old, but fans are already looking towards future crossovers. The next one looks to include Predator.

Over the past few years, Epic Games has established Fortnite as a hub where all realities meet. Back when this game first came out, no one thought we’d be able to have a squad that includes Iron Man, a Storm Trooper, a Demogorgon, and Kratos from God of War.

We’ve seen rumors of several upcoming crossovers, the most popular of which is Master Chief from the Halo series. He isn’t the only character that fans expect to see this season.

Several players have noticed a teaser for a Predator collaboration in Stealthy Stronghold. Many people thought this location would house a Jurassic Park crossover, but that might not be the case.

Stealthy Stronghold Fortnite

Top 5 Gaming, among other sources, noticed signs that point more strongly to Predator, rather than Jurassic Park.

“Check this out,” they wrote on Twitter. “Truck being used as a generator (in the Predator movie) plus the crashed helicopter and the LOGO of the predator locking onto something all in the same POI.”

T5G also related these teasers to the first Season 5 Agent Jonesy transmission that was released ahead of the new season. In it, you can hear Jonesy ask, “Why is every jungle in every reality crawling with venomous snakes and strange predators?” before something roars in the background.

Again, when this transmission was first released, players thought that this meant dinosaurs were coming to Fortnite. This might still be the case, but T5G drew special attention to the phrasing: “predators.”

We may see both a Jurassic Park and Predator crossover…