Competitive Fortnite will have a $20 million prize pool in 2021

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games is increasing the prize pool for competitive Fortnite this year to $20 million, a step up from $17 million in 2020, the company announced today.

Epic is also choosing to tweak certain aspects of the FNCS following extensive player feedback. All FNCS tournaments will be played with PC and console competitors together, enabling players to have cross-platform teammates.

The FNCS will also be spaced out. Semifinal and finals matches won’t be played on the same weekends in an effort to counteract player fatigue.

Competitive Fortnite’s prize pool for 2021 has been of specific interest lately. It’s been a massive issue, according to professional players, who feared a loss of competitors with decreased prize pools.

In addition, items that helped players rotate, like Rift Fish and Shockwave Grenades, have been vaulted in competitive play. This implies that positioning will likely have a major emphasis over the year.

Following plenty of social media buzz about Fortnite dying out or losing its player base, interest in the title could be renewed with these prize pool and formatting updates.