TheGrefg surpasses 2.4 million viewers on Twitch while unveiling his Fortnite skin

Screengrab via Twitch/TheGrefg

Today is a good day to be David “TheGrefg” Martinez.

The Spanish-language Fortnite streamer broke the record for concurrent viewership today with well over 2.4 million viewers tuning in for the premiere of his Fortnite Icon Series skin. That number puts him well over Twitch’s previous record set by ELEAGUE at 1.13 million.

As word spread and more viewers tuned in, the streamer was overcome with emotion as the viewership climbed with people waiting to see the reveal of his Fortnite skin. Twitch will likely reveal the official top viewership number in the coming days.

TheGrefg’s Fortnite skin has been teased for months, sometimes frustrating his fans since its reveal has been delayed a couple of times. But now, it’s here and fans tuned into his stream to see it in a huge way.

The reveal of the skin was delayed since Epic Games told TheGrefg it was sending him a special video for the announcement. He began to truly enjoy the moment, reading Twitter and seeing congratulations and praise come in from Fortnite pros and gaming personalities everywhere, like Ninja, Bugha, and more.

While TheGrefg might be a new name to Americans or Twitch viewers in the West, he’s obviously a big name when it comes to Spanish-language viewers. He boasts 16 million subscribers on YouTube—and that number will likely grow after this big event.

TheGrefg joins a select group of content creators with their own Fortnite skins, including Ninja, LoserFruit, and Lachlan. But the viewership title is all his own for now.