Guild pads ‘EU God squad’ with Anas signing

Fortnite FNCS winner, Kez, was banned for cheating during the recent Frosty Frenzy tournament. The ban appears to be legitimate.

Another major Fortnite tournament, another pro banned for cheating. This time, it was former FNCS champion Kalvin ‘Kez’ Dam, who has over $60,000 in earnings over his Fortnite career.

The banhammer struck Kez during the Frosty Frenzy tournament with Nonolite and CizLucky. He left the game and the call without a word to his teammates, giving them the immediate impression that his ban was deserved.

When Kez’s teammates got back to the lobby, they began speculating as to whether or not their trio’s ban was deserved. “If I got banned and I wasn’t cheating, I’d be like, ‘what the f***? What’s happening to my game right now?’” CizLucky said.

“He didn’t even say anything. He just got off. It’s over!”

The only thing Kez told his teammates was that he would be banned for a “very long time” for “exploiting.” Exploiting in a tournament usually warrants a competitive ban, not a ban from the game.

With this being the case, rumors began spreading that Kez was using “soft aim” hacks – a form of cheating that gives players strong aim assist rather than snapping to every opponent’s head. Such a cheat is more difficult to manually detect.

Interestingly, CizLucky posted a screenshot of a DM after everything transpired. It showed another Fortnite player telling him that Kez would be banned during the tournament for hacking. “I was so naïve, I didn’t even think for a second he was telling the truth,” Ciz wrote.

Kez deactivated his Twitter soon after all of this transpired, lending further credibility to his ban’s legitimacy.

What happens next is anyone’s…