Benjyfishy, Nate Hill & more Fortnite pros speak out about dwindling prize pools

Prize pools in competitive Fortnite are once again under fire from the pro community, who has seen them substantially decrease over the course of the last few seasons.

Epic Games recently announced the competitive schedule for Season 5, including the FNCS, Cash Cups, LTM competitions, and new Bragging Rights tournaments.

While the larger competitive Fortnite community was happy to see so many events in Season 5, the pro players quickly noticed the dwindling prize pool for paid events.

Epic lowering the prize pool of major Fortnite tournaments has been a topic of discussion for a few seasons. Pro players noticed that older tournaments contained drastically more money than those in the present day.

There are a few theoretical reasons for this shift. Competitive Fortnite may be past its peak regarding viewership and Epic are splitting prize pools across multiple platforms.

This didn’t stop pro players from voicing their concerns. NRG pro, Benjyfishy, even suggested that the competitive Fortnite scene could dry-up without high-paid tournaments.

Looking back at my old vids n s**t actually makes me sad like I miss daily cups I miss actually just wanting to grind the game 24/7 cause I genuinely enjoyed it and there was a good incentive to do it,” Benjyfishy wrote on Twitter.

Benjyfishy wasn’t the only pro to criticize Epic Games’ lack of recent attention to competitive Fortnite. Wolfiez made a joke about the Bragging Rights tournaments, comparing the “shoutout” prize to the millions of dollars up for grabs in 2019 and 2020.

Nate Hill even @ed the Fortnite Twitter account, suggesting that if they crowd-funded “a small % from every battle pass to the…