When does Fortnite Season 5 end and Season 6 begin?

In Fortnite v15.10, Epic added a setting that helped with pre-editing, but it came up short in a lot of peoples’ eyes.

Pre-editing has long been a thorn in the side of competitive and casual Fortnite players, alike. All talented players who regularly edit their structures have been burned by pre-edits at least a dozen times, leaving them open to exploitation from enemies.

For those who don’t know, pre-editing refers to editing a structure before placing it. Pre-editing used to be a helpful strategy for controller players back in the Combat Pro era, but those days have long passed.

Now, most Fortnite players have been calling for Epic to add a “Disable Pre-Edit” setting, which would prevent them from ever accidentally pre-editing one of their structures.

In v15.10, we thought we were getting just that. When the update released, however, players were disappointed to learn that we didn’t get the setting we wanted.

Instead of “Disable Pre-Edits,” Epic added a setting that allows players to reset their pre-edits when they leave “build mode.” While helpful, this setting doesn’t go far enough for most players.

The good news is that Epic acknowledged this blunder in a tweet, shortly after the update went live. “We understand we missed the mark in adding an option to disable pre-edits in the 15.10,” they wrote. “We know many of you find pre-editing unnecessary and would like a setting where you’re not able to edit a build until the build is in place. We plan to adjust the setting early next year.”

We may have to wait a few weeks for the pre-edit setting we wanted, but this time is minimal when…