Epic announce Season 5 FNCS, Cash Cups, LTM tournaments & more

Epic Games have announced their competitive plan for 2021, which includes doubling-down on the Trios format and canceling all in-person tournaments – including the World Cup.

Competitive Fortnite got off to a slow start in 2020, with a lack of communication fueling speculation that Epic had given up on the game’s competitive side.

This turned out to be far from true, as tournament play ramped-up during the second half of the year, pushing esports organizations to re-invest in their Fortnite rosters.

We won’t be seeing the same pattern in 2021, as Epic have already laid out the groundwork for their plans, starting with the Trios format.

Trios FNCS

Trios is widely considered to be the most entertaining and competitive format for Fortnite tournaments. One of the most well-respected voices in the community, BallaTW, said as much during our interview a few months ago.

In that interview, Balla called for a standard Fortnite tournament format to keep teams together and promote the continuation of popular storylines from past FNCS events. In 2021, Epic is planning to do just that.

Trios FNCS will encompass the entirety of 2021 – starting with the Season 5 FNCS. “While Trios will be a constant in FNCS, we still may alter the scoring and/or qualification formats season by season. Our hope with this change is to place more stability and consistency around FNCS,” they wrote in a blog post.

The Season 5 FNCS will start on February 4, kicking off a new year of competitive Fortnite and beginning Trios’ standardization.

Fortnite World Cup 2021 cancelled

With COVID-19 continuing to affect global travel and limit in-person events, Epic have called the 2021 in-person Fortnite season before it began.

We should see some in-person Fortnite tournaments resume once things get back to normal. All of the Fortnite tournaments will be hosted online – which means no World Cup 2021.

“With so much still unknown about what is practical and safe, we do…