Fortnite Holiday Tree locations for Operation Snowdown challenges

Operation Snowdown – the 2020 Fortnite winter event – is here, bringing daily challenges for players to complete. Here are all of the Snowmando Outpost locations for the first day’s challenges.

Day one of Operation Snowdown has players searching around the map for Snowmando Outposts, filled with chests and the return of the X-4 Stormwing.

Today, players will be visiting these locations and searching for chests. You’ll need to visit five different outposts and search five chests while you’re there. With so many players attempting this challenge, you’ll probably have some competition when it comes to finding the chests.

Here are the five Snowmando Outposts you need to visit for the challenge. Since the planes spawn here, you can complete your “eliminations while in a vehicle” challenge if it’s too contested.

As we suggested, finding chests is going to be the hard part of today’s challenge. There only appears to be one or two in each location, with no guarantee that any will spawn where you land.

Your best bet for finding chests will likely be the Snowmado Outpost next to the Weather Station on the mountain. There’s at least two chest spawns here, giving you the best chance of grabbing one of them.

Interestingly, the Snowmando Outposts don’t spawn in Team Rumble. This will make the “Search Chests” stage of this challenge a lot more difficult, as we’ll be competing for them with other players in Solos.

As a reward, we’ll be receiving a new loading screen and a holiday-themed shield back bling – both worthy of our time. Good luck!