All 41 character locations in Collections in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 5

If you log in to Fortnite: Battle Royale anytime during Chapter Two, season five, you might come across a curious Collections screen.

In it, you’ll find the Character tab, which is pretty barren at the start. That’s because you need to search for over 40 unique characters scattered across the map. They can be easily located by looking at your mini-map and seeing a little message bubble that appears when you’re close to one.

Finding all 41 will steadily increase your collection. It’s good to find them all anyway, considering they offer bounties, weapons, or special treats and lore for locating and talking to them.

Some of the characters also spawn in different locations across the map randomly. For these, we’ve put all of their locations down below in case one of them is near you in your next match.

To help you on that quest, we’ve made a list of all 41 characters and where you can find them.

All character locations in the Collections tab

1) Lexa

Location: Hunter’s Haven

2) Reese

Location: Dirty Docks

3) Menace

Location: Colossal Coliseum

4) Mancake

Location: Butter Barn

5) Mave

Location: Shipwreck Cove. Which is South-East of the Map. Located in one of the two Houses nearby.

6) Kondor

Location: Misty Meadows

7) The Mandolorian

Location: The Razer Crest

8) The Reaper

Location: Boost Pad, north-west of Holly Hedges

9) Brutus

Location: Dirty Docks

10) Deadfire

Location: The Sheriff’s Office near the Centre of the Map

11) Triggerfish

Location: Crashed Cargo West of Sweaty Sands

12) Bullseye

Location: Steam Stacks

13) Bandolier

Location: Flushed Building

14) Longshot

Location: Hill East of Misty Meadows

15) Splode

Location: Unremarkable Shack near the North Lighthouse

16) Blaze

Location one: Pristine Point

Location two: Unknown

17) Remedy

Location one: Hilltop House

Location two: Craggy Cliffs

18) Big Chuggus