PS4 and PS5 exclusive Fortnite tournament to take place this week

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has partnered with Sony to bring PS4 and PS5 users an exclusive Fortnite tournament called the Generations Cup, Epic announced today. Players will compete for a new PS5 console, an Indigo Kuno outfit, and an Indigo Kama back bling.

The tournament is open for players of all skill levels but only available for PlayStation console users. It will take place on Dec. 18. There will only be one winner per region, too. 

The Generations Cup is a Solo tournament and will be separated into seven regions. Here are the times by region at which the Generations Cup will happen on Dec. 18:

  • OCE: 1am to 4am CT
  • ASIA: 3am to 6am CT
  • ME: 8am to 11pm CT
  • EU: 11am to 2pm CT
  • BR: 3pm to 7pm CT
  • NAE: 5pm to 8pm CT
  • NAW: 8pm to 11pm CT

Each region’s times can be found in-game under the Compete Tab as well.

Players must have two-factor authentication enabled on their Epic account and have an account level of 30 to participate. If you’re interested in participating in the Fortnite Generations Cup, you can find more information on the event’s website.