Fortnite Season 5 Week 3 Challenge guide

Epic Games have rolled out Fortnite Season 5’s v15.10 update, meaning data miners have been sniffing around for new skins and cosmetics in the game files. As usual, they struck gold.

It’s been a weekly thing for some time now – an update drops, leaked skins are revealed, and then we can all see what’s coming up in the battle royale title.

For Season 5 we’ve seen a great variety in skins, too. The Mandalorian has taken much of the spotlight, along with the Baby Yoda Back Bling, but now it’s time to welcome in the Holiday season.

Here’s all of the leaked skins and cosmetics from this week.

Fortnite v15.10 leaked skins and cometics


The first batch, found by HYPEX and ShiinaBR, all appear to have an icy theme connecting them. With not long until Christmas and the beginning of Season 5’s Operation Snowdown event, we will likely see these in-game shortly.

That’s not all, though. There will be a Frosty Legends pack coming to Fortnite, which is set to look like this:

Finally, on the skins front at least, it looks like a user’s concept has been added to the Fortnite game files.

Designed by user D3NNI, and added to the game with the v15.10 update – a nice story.


As seen below from iFireMonkey, a load of new cosmetics have been added as well.

It’s too early to say if all of these will end up being part of the Operation Snowdown event in-game, though some of them definitely will be in the form of rewards.

That’s all for this week! Do you have your eye on any of these new skins?