Green Arrow leaked as January Fortnite Crew skin

We might not be experiencing the final iteration of aim assist in Fortnite. A new leak suggests Epic could be working on another system.

When Epic first added Exponential and Linear aim assist options, the controller community quickly embraced them. Some players opted to keep Legacy aim assist – or L2 spam – but most players gradually moved over to one of the two new offerings.

Several months after Epic added these new systems, they removed Legacy and forced all controller players to use Expo or Linear. Most of the community chose Linear with a few exceptions.

After balance changes and a couple of nerfs to PC aim assist, the cries of “controller players are cheaters” started to die down. Even longtime controller haters like Bugha began to change their tune.

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If you’re like us, you probably assumed that Expo and Linear would end the road for aim assist. They seemed like two different and useful systems – one focused on better aim and the other on more fluid camera movements.

According to a leak from Mang0e, however, there’s a new system in the works. In Season 5, epic added a new system to the game files called “TargetingSystem” with a description that reads, “Generic Targeting System to be used for gameplay. Abilities/Aim Assist/etc.”

If this is a change to aim assist, we bet that the community won’t get behind it – at least, not right away. Aim assist conversations have died down. Buffing or nerfing aim assist with a new targeting system will only ruffle more feathers, in our opinion.

Of course, this is only a leak and may not even come to the…