Fortnite leaks reveal Black Panther, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, and Taskmaster skins

Image via Epic Games

There have been several Fortnite crossovers in the past. Players have been able to unlock or purchase costumes of their favorite superheroes or villains.

And now, new leaks suggest that players will have the chance to unlock a Black Panther, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, and Taskmaster costume in a future update, continuing the trend of superheroes appearing in the popular battle royale title. 

Popular Fortnite data miner HYPEX posted screengrabs of the Black Panther and Captain Marvel skins that will likely be released in a future update. They also posted a screengrab of Green Arrow, a popular DC character most recently featured in his own show. 

But heroes aren’t the only new characters coming to Fortnite. Data miner ShiinaBR also posted a screengrab of Taskmaster, a notorious Marvel villain who’s been the enemy of many popular heroes. Taskmaster has not yet made an appearance in the Marvel cinematic universe, but he’s set to appear in the upcoming Black Widow film. 

Players can also expect new emotes, such as a Wakanda Forever emote that’s an homage to Black Panther. Other holiday-themed skins will be released in future updates and players might even receive free skins

Several characters from other universes will appear in Fortnite soon, too. A collaboration with The Walking Dead was recently announced and Master Chief from the Halo series is also available for purchase. Fans can likely expect other characters to appear in the game in future updates, but it’s unclear when the leaked skins will be released.