Fortnite Twitch Drops: Free Fortnite Exclusive Wrap, The Game Awards Show, how to link Twitch and Epic Games

Fortnite players can enable Twitch Drops to get a free Fortnite wrap from the Game Awards show.

Epic Games provide the Fortnite player base with a number of different ways to get free Fortnite cosmetics. Although players have been unhappy and some of Epics decisions in regards to selling reskins as a new skin, no one can say Epic have given their users a whole host of free cosmetics.

PlayStation users get the most love from Epic Games with several PS Plus celebration packs providing players with free skins and other cosmetics including gliders and pickaxes. Other platforms have been able to get free cosmetics from Twitch packs, Party Royale events, holiday challenges and more.

PS Plus celebration pack pickaxe wrap

Most recently, players could get their hands on the Rainbow Fog wrap for free simply by playing five games with friends or by linking their account with the House Part app owned by Epic Games.

Rainbow Fog Connect Houseparty Fortnite

It looks like players have yet another opportunity to receive a cosmetic with a free Fortnite wrap available via Twitch Drops during the Game Awards Show later today.

Twitch Drops Free Fortnite Wrap

In a blog post on the Twitch website, Twitch mentioned that there’ll be Fortnite Twitch drops for the Game Awards Show live stream. On the Twitch Instagram account, Twitch teased that the Twitch Drops will provide players with a free Fortnite wrap, but we don’t know which one until it’s announced when the stream goes live.

Free Fortnite Wrap Twitch Drops

How to Link Twitch With Epic Games Account

In order to link your Twitch and Epic Games account in order to take advantage of Twitch Drops with Fortnite, head to this page and click the ‘connect’ button under the Twitch logo and follow the instructions.

How to get the Wrap From Twitch Drops

The Frotnite Twitch Drop will be active for 30 minutes once it’s been announced during the Game Awards live stream. Viewers will then need to watch a minimum of 60 seconds…