Where to plant evidence in Catty Corner or Flush Factory in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 5, week 2

Image via Epic Games

One of the epic quests for Fortnite Chapter Two, season five’s second week requests a rather suspicious challenge: planting evidence at Catty Corner or Flush Factory.

We don’t know why you’d interfere with evidence (and probably an investigation) at a toilet factory or a junkyard, but if you want to complete this challenge, it’s simple.

Flush Factory

Flush Factory is on the southern coast of the island, below Slurpy Swamp. You’ll have to plant the evidence besides two dumpsters.

When you enter the factory, turn right and you’ll see a dumpster below a stair. Then, head to the back of the factory where you can see the ocean and there will be an open dumpster facing a yellow container.

Catty Corner

Catty Corner is placed on the east side of Misty Meadows. There will be a junkyard across the street from a gas station. Right at the entrance, there will be a pinkish container with a rainbow decal on it.

You can place the evidence in front of the container’s entrance or at the side of a brown metal trailer at the back of the compound.

This challenge was found through data mining, so when the challenge arrives on Dec. 10, the information might be a little different. This article will be updated if anything changes.