Where to get all Exotic Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

Fortnite chapter two, season five, went live last week after one of the best events in the game’s history. The new Hunter themed season features the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, with many game changes to make Fortnite feel fresh again.

Mythic weapons have been a topic of controversy among the competitive Fortnite players due to their limited availability throughout the map. There was only a single copy of a Mythic weapon during a Fortnite match, which felt a bit unfair to players who couldn’t get their hands on these weapons. The new season didn’t get rid of all the Mythic weapons, but only a handful of them are up for grabs now. They were replaced by exotic weapons, though, That players can buy from any NPC in exchange for gold bars.

Gold bars can be found in lootable chests, obtained by completing Bounty quests, or picked up by players you knock out. The NPC’s in question also gives out the Bounty quests, and each NPC sells different exotic weapons.

You can pick up quests from NPCs by talking to them, which you can do so by using your interaction key near them.

Here’s which NPCs you need to talk to for collecting the exotic weapon of your choice.

Where can you find all Exotic Weapons in Fortnite chapter two, season five? 

Boom’s Sniper Rifle

Boom’s Sniper Rifle retails for 1225 gold bars, and you can purchase it from Splode. He’s located at the Unremarkable Shack on an island toward the northeast of Stealthy Stronghold.

Shadow Tracker Pistol

You’ll need 1225 gold bars to purchase Shadow Tracker Pistol. Make your way to Dirty Docks to find Reese, the authorized supplier of this weapon. Reese hangs out at the right-most warehouse at Dirty Docks, which is close to the sea.

Storm Scout Sniper Rifle