Where to drive through flaming rings in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 5

Screengrab via Epic Games

It’s time to jump through hoops again in Epic Games’ battle royale. This time, the rings are mostly on land, so a regular vehicle should prove adequate for the job.

The week two challenge isn’t live yet, but some important clues on the map and a trip into replay mode reveal more than the eye can see. Here’s how to drive through flaming rings in Fortnite Chapter Two, season five.

If you log into the game now and travel upwards of Pleasant Park, you’ll see a perfect setup for your vehicle to get big air. Following along the road, going past Stealthy Stronghold will let you see the second ramp, with the third ramp leading you to dive directly into the ocean surrounding Fortnite Island.

Popping into replay mode will reveal the flaming rings hanging in front of each ramp, ripe for jumping through.

As the flaming rings aren’t technically in Fortnite yet, the article will be updated following official confirmation when the challenge appears.