How to get a ‘Double Pump’ in Fortnite Season 5

A new glitch or feature has been found in Fortnite season 5, allowing players to use the old “Double Pump” strategy from back in the day.

Fortnite Season 5 has introduced a couple of new shotguns into the game. The first is the Dragon’s Breath, which is widely considered the game’s weakest shotgun. It has nice features and deals decent damage, but the magazine size and reload speed hold it back.

The other new shotgun is a rework of an old classic. The Dub is a double-barrel shotgun with the knockback effect of a Flintknock Pistol.

The Dub has been a far rarer sight on the Fortnite battlefield because of its rarity. It’s one of the new Exotic weapons that require you to buy it from an NPC. It’s quite expensive, but players will likely begin to be able to afford it later in the season.

One thing that’s different with The Dub, however, is the shotgun cooldown timer that it has. For those who don’t know, this cooldown was added early in Chapter 1 to remove the “Double Pump” and “Pump-Tac” combinations.

This cooldown doesn’t seem to apply to The Dub. Players can use it alongside a Tac or Charge without worrying about any delay, as shown by YouTuber, OrangeGuy, below.

Later in the season, as Gold stashes begin to grow, we’ll probably see more and more players rocking The Dub and other Exotic weapons – especially if this feature or glitch remains in the game.

Now, we have the question of whether or not Epic intended this to be the case. We tend to think it’s not intentional, or else they would have given the Dragon’s Breath the same feature – making it far more viable.

It looks like we’ll have to wait and see if Epic address the problem. If they do, it was a bug. If they don’t, then the developers could be experimenting with this shotgun delay – which we think is a good thing.